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We Sing to Thee (4-part)

Paul Gerhardt, 1656 trans. F. E. Cox, 1865


We sing to Thee, Emmanuel,

The Prince of Life, Salvation's Well,

The Plant of Heaven, the Star of Morn,

The Lord of hosts, the virgin-born.

All glory, worship, thanks, and praise,

That Thou art come in these our days!

Thou Heavenly Guest expected long,

We hail Thee with a joyful song.


For Thee, since first the world was made,

Men's hearts have waited, watched, and prayed;

Prophets and patriarchs, year by year,

Have longed to see Thy light appear.

O God, they prayed, from Sion rise,

And hear Thy captive people's cries;

At length, O Lord! salvation bring,

Then Jacob shall rejoice and sing.


Now Thou, by Whom the world was made,

Art in Thy manger-cradle laid,

Maker of all things great and small,

Naked Thyself, though clothing all.

Thou Who both heaven and earth dost sway,

In strangers' inn art fain to stay,

And though Thy power makes angels blest,

Dost seek Thy food from human breast.


Encouraged thus, our love grows bold

On Thee to lay our steadfast hold;

The Cross which Thou didst undergo

Has vanquished Death, and healed our woe.

Thou art our Head, then, Lord of Thee

True living members we will be,

And, in the strength Thy Grace shall give,

Will live as Thou wouldst have us live.


As each short year goes quickly round,

Our Hallelujahs shall resound;

And, when we reckon years no more,

May we in heaven Thy Name adore.

We Sing to Thee (4-part)

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