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CD: In Beauty of Holiness

Call to Worship

All Earth to Him—Psalm 22:27-31+

Glory Be to God the Father+

Now Unto Jehovah—Psalm 29*


Call to Confession

Come, Ye Souls*

Blest is the Man—Psalm 32*


Call to the Word

O God Thou Art My God Alone—Psalm 63+

Hear My Words—Psalm 5+


Call to the Table

Franklin Sanctus+

Come, Ye Disconsolate*

Call Jehovah Your Salvation—Psalm 91*


Call to the World

Be Thou O God Exalted High—Psalm 57+

Mighty Lord, Extend Your Kingdom*


* Previously released as part of My Cry Ascends, 2010

+ Remixed and remastered tracks from Christ is Our Cornerstone, 2012

Mixed by Tom Michael, Zodlounge music production


As sung by Nathan Clark George, Katy Snow, Dan Meyers, Michael Card, and others.

CD: In Beauty of Holiness

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