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Gregory Wilbur

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Gregory Wilbur is the Chief Musician and liturgist at Cornerstone Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Franklin, Tennessee.  He grew up in Mississippi as a pastor's child and started playing for worship when he was in high school. In college, he served as choir director and music director of the local Presbyterian church where he began to compose choral works and congregational songs.


Reforming the worship of God's people has been near and dear to his heart, and after he moved to Nashville in the early 90's, he served at various area churches in choral, arts, and congregational roles. He continued to compose music for these congregations and to write and speak on issues of worship.


He is the President and Dean of New College Franklin, a Christian classical college in Franklin that he helped to found. In addition to writing congregational worship hymns, he also composes choral and orchestral works. He has written numerous articles about worship, the arts, and education as well as several books including Christmas Spirit, a family guide for Advent, and Glory and Honor, a leadership biography of J.S. Bach. Greg lives in Franklin with his beautiful wife, Sophia and lovely daughter, Eleanor.




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