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The joy for me in sharing this music is that it was born out of relationships in community as songs written for congregational singing at Cornerstone Presbyterian Church in Franklin, TN. In addition, these are melodies that sing of dear friends and their encouragement to me as an artist and friend, of our monthly long talks over food and drink and memes, and of gracious friends (some of whom I’ve never met) whose affirmation by financially supporting this project is appreciated beyond words. One of the blessings of a project like this is the opportunity to work collaboratively with other musicians and friends. 

This is an overflow of weekly congregational music written with a specific time and place in mind--and that particularness is what will hopefully speak to you in your own context. God's Word is faithful and a sure foundation.


In Beauty of Holiness is a collection of some of the most requested songs from My Cry Ascends (2010) and Christ Is Our Cornerstone (2012).  In choosing six songs from each album, I was also able to have the re-mixed and re-mastered for better audio quality. Particularly in the songs from Cornerstone, I think you will hear them in a whole new light as the audio space is opened up with greater clarity and presence.

These are some of my favorites that I think you will enjoy in this new collection of songs by request.

As God calls us week by week before the Throne of Grace, one of my chief pleasures and blessings is serving the congregation at Cornerstone Presbyterian by planning and encouraging corporate worship. The writing of these songs filled specific musical and theological needs in our services. I present them here not as an absolute, but as an expression of God’s goodness and grace to our particular worshipping community. If they fill a need elsewhere, I am doubly humbled and blessed. 

This was a community project with singers, instrumentalists, choir, and congregation from Cornerstone Pres in Franklin, TN and our mother church, Parish Pres.


released October 29, 2012 

Piano: Gregory Wilbur 
Guitar: Nathan Clark George 
Solo Viola: Henry Haffner 
Bass: Danny O’Lannerghty 

Chamber Ensemble 
Violin: Sue Steffens, Michael Snyder, Emma Pent, Frank Auer, Josh McGuire, Jonathan Dillard, Sarah McGuire, Sarah Leaver 
Viola: Henry Haffner, Lincoln Pent 
Cello: Jackson Pent, Rachel Leaver 
Bass: Jeremy Steffens 
Flute: Bill Randall 
Soprano Sax/Ocarina: David Steffens 
Trumpet/Flugel Horn: Greg Bumpus 
Percussion: Benjamin George 

Mixed and Mastered by Tom Laune at Bridgeway Studio, Nashville, TN 
Recording Engineer: Nathan Clark George 
Producers: Nathan Clark George and Gregory Wilbur 
Orchestrations by Gregory Wilbur 

Artwork by Abe Goolsby, Officina Abrahae 
Cover Photo of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church by Gregory Wilbur 
Artist Photo by Ian Kern 
Recording Photos by James Esmond 

Initial Tracking Recorded at Cornerstone Presbyterian Church, June 11-13, 2012. 
Choir, Strings and Congregation Recorded at Cornerstone Presbyterian Church, July 23-25, 2012. 
Vocals Recorded at Parish Presbyterian Church 

Christ is our Cornerstone

My Cry Ascends is a graceful collection of new Psalms and hymns for the church composed by Greg Wilbur. The music is recorded in a folk tradition with elements of Celtic style and southern harmony. Listeners will enjoy the hardy musical instrumentation: piano, viola, flutes, tin whistle, acoustic guitar, mandolin, bagpipe, hammer dulcimer and percussion. Rich biblical texts and expressive tunes feature the singing of Michael Card, Steve Green, Wes King, Katy Snow, Nathan Clark George and Bruce Carroll. The songs were written with congregational singing in mind, and it is our hope that this CD will bring these wonderful pieces into wider familiarity as an appropriate offering to the Most High God as He calls His people into worship.

My Cry Ascends

Released April 25, 2016 


Gregory Wilbur, Composer 


Music Recording, Engineering, Mastering and Mixing: 
Nathan Clark George 

Kyle Benson

Gregory Wilbur 


Michael Snyder 


Henry Haffner 
Lincoln Pent 


Stonewall Pent 


David Nichols

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