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ENTIRE ALBUM: In Beauty of Holiness (4p/Lead)

Includes the lead sheet and hymn versions of:


All Earth to Him—Psalm 22:27-31+

Glory Be to God the Father+

Now Unto Jehovah—Psalm 29*

Come, Ye Souls*

Blest is the Man—Psalm 32*

O God Thou Art My God Alone—Psalm 63+

Hear My Words—Psalm 5+

Franklin Sanctus+

Come, Ye Disconsolate*

Call Jehovah Your Salvation—Psalm 91*

Be Thou O God Exalted High—Psalm 57+

Mighty Lord, Extend Your Kingdom*



* Previously released as part of My Cry Ascends, 2010

+ Remixed and remastered tracks from Christ is Our Cornerstone, 2012

ENTIRE ALBUM: In Beauty of Holiness (4p/Lead)

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