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O God How Many Are My Fears (4-part)

Isaac Watts, 1719


O God, how many are my fears!

How fast my foes increase!

Conspiring my eternal death,

They break my present peace.

The lying tempter would persuade

There’s no relief in heav’n;

And all my swelling sins appear

Too big to be forgiv’n.


But Thou, my glory and my strength,

Shalt on the tempter tread,

Shalt silence all my threat’ning guilt,

And raise my drooping head.

I cried, and from His holy hill

He bowed a list’ning ear;

I called my Father, and my God,

And He subdued my fear.


He shed soft slumbers on mine eyes,

In spite of all my foes;

I woke, and wondered at the grace

That guarded my repose.

What though the hosts of death and hell

All armed against me stood,

Terrors no more shall shake my soul;

My refuge is my God.


Arise, O Lord, fulfill Thy grace,

While I Thy glory sing;

My God has broke the serpent’s teeth,

And death has lost his sting.

Salvation to the Lord belongs;

His arm alone can save:

Blessings attend Thy people here,

And reach beyond the grave.

O God How Many Are My Fears (4-part)

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