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Psalm 132 | Arise, O Lord

Words from 1912 Psalter, based on Psalm 132:8, 13-16




Arise, O Lord, our God, arise

And enter now into Thy rest;

O let this house be Thine abode,

Forever with Thy presence blest.


Thy gracious covenant, Lord, fulfill,

Turn not away from us Thy face;

Establish Thou Messiah’s throne

And let Him reign within this place.


Thy Zion Thou hast chosen, Lord,

And Thou hast said, I love her well,

This is My constant resting place,

And here will I delight to dwell.


I will abundantly provide

For Zion’s good, the Lord hath said;

I will supply her daily need

And satisfy her poor with bread.


Salvation shall adorn her priests,

Her saints shall shout with joy divine,

Messiah’s power shall be revealed,

His glory in His Church shall shine.

Psalm 132 | Arise, O Lord

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