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Psalm 72 | O God, To Thine Anointed King (4-part)

The modal melody of this Psalm highlights the Messianic text by reminding us of the gentleness and meekness of the coming of Christ and the joy, fruitfulness and blessing of the Incarnation.


O God, to Thine anointed King

Give truth and righteousness

Thy people He will justly judge

And give the poor redress

Then every fruitful mountainside

Shall yield its rich increase

And righteousness in all the land

Shall bear the fruit of peace


The poor man’s cause He will maintain

The needy He will bless

And He will break the strength of those

Who would the poor oppress

So men shall fear Thee while the sun

In daily splendor glows

And through all ages, while the moon

On earth its light bestows


Like rain upon the newborn grass

That falls refreshingly

Like gentle showers that cheer the earth

So shall His coming be

The righteous in His glorious day

Shall flourish and increase

The earth, until the moon shall fade

Shall have abundant peace

Psalm 72 | O God, To Thine Anointed King (4-part)

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