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Psalm 41 | How Blest the Man (4-part)

I adapted this melody from Southern Harmony for this setting of a text concerned with confession and assurance and deliverance.



How blest the man who thoughtfully

The poor and weak befriends

Deliv’rance in the evil day to him Jehovah sends

The Lord will keep him guard his life,

On earth he shall be blest

The Lord will not surrender him

By foes to be distressed


Upon the bed of suffering

Jehovah will sustain

And in his sickness God will soothe

The weariness and pain

O Lord, to Thee my cry ascends,

Let me Thy mercy see

Heal Thou my soul, for I have sinned,

I have offended Thee


Do Thou, Jehovah, show me grace

And raise me up again

That I with justice may requite

These base and wicked men

By this I know assuredly that I am loved by Thee

Because my foe does not exult in triumph over me


And as for me, in uprightness

Thou dost uphold me well

And sets my feet before Thy face

Forevermore to dwell

Blest be Jehovah, Israel’s God

Forevermore Amen

Let age to age eternally

Repeat His praise Amen

Psalm 41 | How Blest the Man (4-part)

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