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Psalm 14 | The God Who Sits Enthroned on High

Sabbath-School Psalmodist, 1872


The God Who sits enthroned on high

The fool doth in his heart deny;

Corrupt are they, vile works have done,

And doing good there is not one.

From heaven with searching eye the Lord

Did all the sons of men regard,

To see if any understood

If any one were seeking God.


From righteous ways they all depart;

All are corrupt and vile in heart;

Among them doing good is none,

Among them all, not even one.

Has knowledge with the wicked fled,

That they My people eat as bread,

That they delight in works of shame,

And call not on Jehovah’s Name?


There fearful terror on them fall;

For God doth with the righteous dwell;

The poor man’s counsel you despise,

Because in God his refuge lies;

May Israel’s help from Zion come;

When God shall bring His captives home,

Then Jacob greatly shall rejoice

And Israel shout with gladsome voice.

Psalm 14 | The God Who Sits Enthroned on High

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