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Mighty Lord, Extend Your Kingdom (4P & Lead)

I discovered this text while looking for a theologically grounded hymn for a missions conference. It is a wonderful reminder of the promise that the glory of God and knowledge of Him will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. Note that the recorded version of the song begins with a Shofar (ram’s horn). The Israelites used this instrument in war, in official ceremonies and sacrificial observances.



Mighty Lord, extend Your kingdom

Be the truth with triumph crowned

Let the lands that sit in darkness

Hear the glorious Gospel sound

From our borders, from our borders

To the world’s remotest bound


By Your arm, eternal Father,

Scatter far the shades of night

Let the great Immanuel’s kingdom

Open like the morning light

Let all barriers, let all barriers

Yield before Your heavenly might


Come in all Your Spirit’s power

Come, your reign on earth restore

In Your strength ride forth and conquer,

Still advancing more and more

Till all people, Till all people

Shall Your holy Name adore

Mighty Lord, Extend Your Kingdom (4P & Lead)

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