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King Jesus Reigns (4P/Lead)

King Jesus reigns, enthroned on high!

We lift our voice and glorify

His Majesty, his power and grace,

And his high sovereignty embrace.


Though kings usurp and proud men try

Their pompous selves to deify,

Adoring praise shall never cease

For Christ, Redeemer, Prince of Peace!


King Jesus rules upon his throne

And does the wealth of nations own;

While fading things to Caesar bring,

Ourselves we render to our King.


While pharaohs, kings, and emperors boast,

The King of kings leads out his host;

The proud, one day, shall bow the knee

When Christ in triumph sets us free!


King Jesus wears his worthy crown,

Though envious men and nations frown,

And we, by grace, on eagle’s wings,

Uphold the Crown rights of our King!


His holy nation, chosen ones,

We joyful bow, and with our tongues

We hymn allegiance high and sing,

“Hail Jesus! Sovereign Lord our King!”

King Jesus Reigns (4P/Lead)

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