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If I Can Speak in Tongues of Fire (4p/Lead)

If I can speak in tongues of fire

Yet fail to do what love requires,

I’m nothing—though high mountains move—

I’m nothing without perfect love.


I’m nothing if I try to hide

Resentment, envy, selfish pride.

I’m nothing—though high mysteries find—

If I’m not patient, humble, kind.


His heavenly gifts God gives to me

So Christ’s perfected love I’d see

And know—and speak, and serve and give—

And in my holy Bridegroom live.


In faith and hope, love perseveres,

No anger and no rudeness hears;

Such lovingkindness—fully blessed—

Gives foretastes of eternal rest.


I see in part like children here,

A poor reflection in a mirror;

Yet in my heart I long to find

Love more by Jesus’ love refined.


Above I’ll know, as Christ has known,

How vast his love for sinners shown!

With eyes undimmed I’ll end my race

And gaze on Jesus face to face!

If I Can Speak in Tongues of Fire (4p/Lead)

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