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What Wonder Filled (4P/Lead)

What wonder filled the starry night

When Jesus came with heralds bright!

I marvel at His lowly birth,

That God for sinners stooped to earth.


His splendor laid aside for me,

While angels hailed His Deity,

And shepherds on their knees in fright

Fell down in wonder at the sight.


The child who is the Way, the Truth,

Who pleased His Father in His youth,

Through all His days the Law obeyed,

Yet for its curse His life He paid.


What drops of grief fell on the site

Where Jesus wrestled through the night,

Then for transgressions not His own,

He bore my cross and guilt alone.


What glorious Life arose that day

When Jesus took death’s sting away!

His children raised to life and light,

To serve Him by His grace and might.


One day the angel hosts will sing,

“Triumphant Jesus, King of kings!”

Eternal praise we’ll shout to Him

When Christ in splendor comes again!

What Wonder Filled (4P/Lead)

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